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Accommodation Harrogate

History of the Association

Accommodation Harrogate
There has been a Harrogate District Hotels & Guesthouse Association since at least the late 50's and the Association is mentioned in the 1968 Kelly's Directory with an office at 23 North Park Road.

Then as now the thrust of the Association was to provide high quality accommodation and to have a voice in the promotion of their businesses in Harrogate. The original association encompassed all the hotels in Harrogate both large and small, living in harmony for a number of years until the smaller members thought that big brother was perhaps getting a larger slice of the pie than they were.

In 1978 or as near as can be certain, a splinter group of smaller hoteliers made the break from the big boys to forage for themselves in the big bad world of Bed and Breakfast. Thus the Harrogate District Hoteliers, Guesthouse and Restaurant Association was formed. This was lovingly termed the B Group and the Big hotels the A Group.In about 1996 the Association lost the few restaurant only members that it had and assumed its current title.

In 2008 the A group started to call the group Destination Harrogate which left ourselves with the long association name we had or to call ourselves a separate promoting name. We had used Harrogate Hospitality for a number of years, but it was felt that we required something more fitting for the 21st century. The name decided to promote our association from 2009 is Accommodation Harrogate.

The Committee Members For 2016

Kim Wilson

Alison Standen

Tabs Jabbal

Derek Vinter

Tracey Davis, Michael Dean, Tracey Armstrong, Beverley Kemp, Tony Hay, Phil Standen.

Ratings Explained

This comprehensive listing has been inspected by the AA and VisitEngland who give their quality independent rating. There are also self assessed Welcome to Yorkshire members, VisitHarrogate and Trip advisor reviewed members. They are all listed for you to decide which member suits you best.


A hotel must have a minimum of 6 bedrooms, be licensed and offer dinner (unless suitable for Metro Hotel category). Also all bedrooms must be en-suite or have a private bathroom.

Country House Hotel

A Country House Hotel with ample grounds or gardens, in a rural or semi-rural situation with an emphasis on peace and quiet.

Small Hotel

Smaller Hotels with a maximum of 20 bedrooms. They will be personally run by the proprietor and are likely to have limited function business.

Guest Accommodation

Properties are likely to be smaller than hotels with perhaps more of a family home feel and approach, and a less structured service.

Guest House

Provided for more than six paying guests and run on a more commercial basis than a B&B. Usually providing more services, and may have staff as well as the owner.

B&B Accommodation

Provided in a private house, run by the owner and with no more than six paying guests.