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Benefits of Membership

As you may know, the association represents Hotels and Guesthouses, like yours in the Harrogate area. We work together, ensuring that our member's interests are represented in issues that may affect the businesses we run.

Our expertise in working as an association has helped in the past to sort both individual and collective problems, speaking with one voice and with some authority. Therefore if you require help with a problem, there is expertise within our group to help. 

All our members feature in the Harrogate Accommodation leaflet (with an * ) and the Association’s Web Site, with opportunities to advertise under the Accommodation Harrogate  banner in various publications including the Harrogate Conference Centre Directory.We also have our own contact e-mail system to assist guests find accommodation with our members vacancies for busy shows and exhibitions. Our “Early Warning” Network by email which alerts our members of potential problem areas, scams and rogue guests. 

We have an AGM in January and a Christmas Dinner Dance in December, as well as bi-monthly coffee mornings with speakers, giving us all a chance to meet and exchange views. The committee members are also responsible for passing and discussing the member’s views at their monthly meeting.  

Working together, we can ensure the excellence of the accommodation available in the smaller hotels and guesthouses in Harrogate, which will assist to secure the best future for all of us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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